Waxmaid Horn Silicone Water Pipe Black/Red

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The Waxmaid Horn silicone bong is a great addition to anyone’s smoking collection because of its unique see though viewing window in the Waxmaid See-Through Bong’s base. Firstly never worry about how much smoke you are pulling when you take a hit. Furthermore, don’t get surprised by a brutal punch to the lungs.

This viewing window gives your friends something awesome to look at when you are taking a fat rip. See who can get this bong the milkiest. Also this bong comes in tones of fun and exciting colorful camouflage color schemes. Surely a color everyone can find agreeable.

The horn see though Waxmaid Horn silicone bong is one of the best silicone pipe setups that you can get. It is only 8 or so inches tall and that is the perfect size for daily use. Make this silicone rig your daily driver and put some milage in with Waxmaid.

Waxmaid See-Through Bong

You won’t be disappointed by the Waxmaid See-Through Bong functionality or its durability. The Horn comes with a 14mm flower slide, but can also be used with a quartz banger. Get the best of both worlds with this high quality see though silicone Waxmaid bong.

We are so proud with how quality Waxmaid products are. They have the biggest silicone smoking lineup on the market today. Don’t get stuck with some lesser quality import silicone smoking pipe off of DH gate or Alibaba. Waxmaid imitation products are everywhere because of how in demand their product line up is.

Get the hottest thing in the market today. Impress your friends and family with your new high quality silicone Waxmaid rig. Furthermore this is the best decision you will ever make if you choose to pull the trigger on one of these epic Waxmaid bongs.