Waxmaid Pagoda Silicone Water Pipe Black

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The Waxmaid Pagoda Silicone Water Bong is an epic little silicone water pipe that comes in tons of different colors. This silicone bong comes with a flower bowl but it works perfectly fine with a 45º 14mm quartz banger. Furthermore, you won’t be disappointed by this silicone pipes ultra high quality build. You will really love this water pipe.

This Waxmaid Silicone Chugger is an amazing addition to the Waxmaid silicone bong family. Additionally, this Waxmaid silicone bong has a see through viewing window so you can check to see how clean your water is or see the clouds of smoke build up inside.Waxmaid has loads of different silicone water pipes to choose from.

  • Pagoda Silicone Water Bong
  • 14mm Glass Bowl Included